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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer layaway?

Yes, we do have a 60-day layaway payment option: 1/3 down payment, followed by another 1/3 after 30 days, followed by a final 1/3 payment after 60 days. There is also an additional $25 processing fee included with the first payment. For example, if you purchased a $900 sofa, you would pay $325 up front, and then a second payment of $300 after 30 days, followed by the final $300 at the end of 60 days. Cancellation Fee: If you cancel your purchase before completing the 60 days, you will be charged 50% of what you have paid so far. For example, if, like above, you purchase a $900 sofa, and you decide to cancel after 25 days, you would be charged $150, since you have made one payment of $300.

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