S8 Extra Plush Flex Head King

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Superior Construction, Quality, and Technology
The Plush Comfort S8 brings all the benefits of a premium memory foam mattress but with the adjustability that comes with our state-of-the art, air-supported system. You’ll immediately notice the feel of the smooth-top cover that sleeps cooler than most quilted tops. It’s completely removable making it easy to clean and ensuring years of clean, comfortable sleep. The Plush Comfort S8 includes a layer of gel-infused visco-elastic foam, a 2″ layer of convoluted foam for increased comfort, and contouring above the air chambers as well as the support layer of foam below the chambers. The Plush Comfort S8 comes standard with the exclusive Instant Comfort® air control system that measures pressure on the standard medical mm/Hg scale. Our completely customizable two-sided system allows for both sides of your mattress to be adjusted through touch screen controllers in 45 unique settings, so you can find your perfect level of ergonomic comfort and support.

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